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Master Design

Giga Tsikarishvili


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The project explores two distinct rivers in different geographical locations: the river Mtkvari in Georgia and the river Göta älv in Sweden. Both rivers within their urban areas have witnessed multiple technocratic interventions that resulted in a significant split creating two entirely discrete ontological zones: one defined by culture and the other by nature.

Through this exploration, the project seeks to highlight and compare specific insights inherent to these rivers. To achieve this, the technique of montage, which is more sensible rather than an intelligible tool of critical and political knowledge, is utilised—gathering a vast array of archive and artistic material.

Through artistic engagement with the rivers and their materialised memory, the project strives to spark the imagination of a spectator in order to recognise socio-political backgrounds behind architectural set-ups and residues of heterogeneous times. Two Rivers, Three Geographies, thus, tries to find new ways of attuning with the non-human world—rediscovering ethics, playfulness, and joy that have the potential to illuminate even the gloomiest of times.