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Kandidat Design

Filip Malke


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Designers play a central role in shaping people’s relationship with material goods and creating the objects with which individuals choose to surround themselves. However, design often focuses on creating new and attractive products to entice consumers to buy more, contributing to increased consumption and waste.

This project focuses on addressing this challenge through the creation of a modular lamp that tackles these issues primarily through its form. This lamp aims to investigate the creation of a more personal connection between users and an object by making it modular.
The concept of modularity involves designing an object with interchangeable parts that users can replace or customize according to their individual needs and preferences. The primary objective of implementing modularity is to prevent users from becoming indifferent or bored with the object. By allowing users to adapt and modify the object over time, the project endeavors to increase the value and interest associated with it. This approach aims to foster a stronger personal connection between the user and the object while mitigating the risk of user disengagement or boredom. Through this research, the project seeks to
explore how modularity can contribute to a more dynamic and enduring user-object relationship, ultimately enhancing user satisfaction and long-term engagement.