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Master Design

Fanny Apel Hansson

Translating decay

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In a world where the continuing exploitation of the forest is harming our biodiversity by wiping out entire species, we could be facing a future where nature is not left to its own devices. Polypores may not get a chance to grow as the trees are cut down at a young age, fallen trees may not be providing homes for millions of microorganisms, and rocks may not be providing a seat for observation simply because there will be nothing to observe.

This project has investigated the relationship between humans, tactility, nature, objects and form both locally and on a bigger scale. Natural form has been translated into furniture as an attempt for humans to create a relationship with them before they go extinct. Together with an animation and a tent, the furniture creates an extracted forest, in between the natural world and our built environment. A place for remembrance, conversations and a place to observe and mourn. A speculation of a future reality where dying and decay will no longer exist, and the natural form of polypores, rocks and fallen trees only exist in the shape of a memory.