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BFA Design

Ylva Wedberg



The project aims to highlight our perception and use of aluminum in Sweden as a sustainable resource. Aluminum has immortal properties if properly treated and recycled. Only five percent of energy consumption is used to process secondary aluminum compared to virgin material. The risk with the recycled material is a greater mix of alloys that can degrade desired properties such as bendability and strength. Therefore, the recycling process starts at the drawing board.

The MONO SERIES is designed from these premises, utility items based on techniques and materials from our Swedish industry. The resources we have in Sweden are always a natural starting point.

In collaboration with Stena Aluminum, the project has been based on a study of the industry and they have contributed with its sustainable material. A prerequisite to design and cast according to the material’s own properties. The objects are designed to favor recycling, without the addition of other metals or coatings, i.e. Mono. The shape is expected to be perceived as soft with its rounded seat and outer leg side. Inspired by the straight lines and clear directions of the manufacturing industry, it is hoped to instill a sense of the material’s primary use. The aim of the stool is to create stylishly designed objects suitable for the home and challenge our expected use of aluminum as a decorative material.