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BFA Photography

Thea Josefin Cedervall

Bend Forward, Knee Up, Block the Sun

Three-channel video installation, LED-screens, C-stands

Thea Josefin Cedervall’s work reacts to contemporary image culture and the phenomena of photography as an identity producing process. The encounter between the camera and the gendered body is central to her work, which isolates posingas an expressive method for self-presentation and self-perception.

The work Bend Forward, Knee Up, Show Your Back examines the pose in video format. The poses are taken from recurring clips from Cedervall’s targeted social media feeds, meant to inspire ”successful” self-presentation. In this way, the installation reflects on the impact of algorithms, and the body’s adaptation to the image. By prolonging the photographic moment, the work focuses on the attempt and the failures that inevitably lie within it.