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BFA Photography

Sunniva Hestenes

High Risk Reward

CARE site specific installation, graffiti
BAD LUCK BABY chain link fence, zine 32 pages
Untitled HD Video, 17.40 min

The work High Risk High Reward explores acts of destruction as a means of empowerment. The components chaos, order, control and lack of control determine the material’s final outcome. Spray paint, sketches, fences and handheld footage are elements often found within the graffiti scene. The consequences of marking and reshaping these surfaces unifies the individual fragments in the installation whilst simultaneously playing into RSK’s long history with graffiti.

Hestenes is a multidisciplinary artist who is interested in the act of changing and in term transforming material surfaces. Either by physically cutting into a negative, forcefully applying and removing paint layers or by tattooing someones body.