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BFA Design

Sofia Sjödin

Namnlös tillsvidare

Namnlös tillsvidare (Untitled until further notice) is a visual story in the form of illustrations and comics. The project has been a meta-project, where the narrative of the story is based on the creative process that created it. It all started with a writer’s block that I was stuck with at the beginning of this project. This led to me deciding that this problem could be the foundation of a narrative. How a design process and generating ideas may look like, all of its ups and downs. All of the comics and images are based on how I felt in the moment when I created them. Where I was emotionally, what I was thinking of, or things that worried me, then translated into a fictional world where I use metaphors. Thus turning the writer’s block into a source of inspiration.

In the story there is an idea-machine, a complicated machine that can create anything as long as you know how to use it. We also get to meet three characters that all symbolize different parts of a designer. One emotional problem solver, one critical voice that never gets satisfied, and one playful child. Together they have to find the best idea ever created, that has mysteriously disappeared.

You can read the stories here