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MFA Child Culture Design

Ruby Walsh

“The Sleeping Wheelbarrow” Aiya & Xiu age 2 & 32

“The Car on the Top of the Hill” Apolina, age 3

“Preschool Playground” Henry, age 4

“Frey on the Swings” Martha, age 38

Aiya” Henry, age 4

The Spaces I Occupy

Using visual ethnography as a participatory design practice, to investigate adult-child perspectives in shared public spaces.

Research Question: How can we empower children and young people in public spaces, through the sharing of intergenerational perspectives?
“The Spaces I Occupy” project, explores multi-generational perspectives of a shared public space, using analog photography. It is an adult-initiated participatory project, with child and adult participants of varying ages. The project intends to empower children in their environments by providing them with tools for documentation and storytelling, and a platform with which to share their work. This project follows the photographic documentation and individual observations of six people aged between two years and thirty-eight years old, in the shared public space of Majvallen. Each participant exhibited their works around the area, with their insights and stories attached. This exhibition aimed to start a conversation within the people of the area- resonating with some, and challenging the perspectives of others. 
The presented works in this exhibit, showcase what the participants documented during the project.