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BFA Design

Nora Tysklind

Red listed plant species in Sweden – A surface pattern collection

Since the beginning of the 20th century the number of meadows and grasslands in Sweden have diminished due to changes in how forestry and agriculture are conducted. As a result of this, more plant species are being threatened and red listed. Endangered plant species is a threat against biological diversity and leads to insects and pollinators becoming threatened. These species are essential for our survival as human beings. 

This surface pattern collection highlights threatened Swedish plant species from meadows and grasslands through three surface patterns handprinted on textile: ”Red listed plants in the shadow”, ”Flora of red listed plants” and ”Red listed plants on a summer meadow”. The patterns illuminates species living in our surroundings that are probably unknown to many. In addition the project contains a publication with information about the plants represented.

In working with the patterns focus has been on exploration of overprinting. All of the patterns include surfaces where two or more colors have been printed over each other creating new colors. The slow paced craft technique required in hand printing aligns with the projects sustainability theme and can be seen as a questioning of the fast mass production of interior textiles in todays society.