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BFA Ceramic Art

Malin Lidén

Photografer: DavidEng

Photografer: DavidEng

The cycle of nature and human print

Materials: Stoneware clay, glaze, metal.

In Western culture, man is considered to be at the top of nature’s hierarchy. Many have a belief in a god who rules over everything. In my thesis I have explored Taoism. Taoism has no god but says that man and nature are made up of the five elements wood, fire, metal, water, and air and that these constantly interact with each other. In my ceramic work, I have chosen to depict the element water. The work stands for birth, life and change. In order to understand myself and my surroundings in this world, I have worked with rituals that can be seen in the traces I leave behind.

Method: In my works, it is important that the body’s encounter with the clay is present, and I therefore work very physically during the course of the work. I want to activate the clay’s own language and let it become an encounter with my language.

Sometimes this results in a performance where I am open and transparent with my work processes