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BFA Design

Lovisa Finnström

Dagbädden ALM

This project is about woodwork, elm and about the knowledge of resting in what’s happening and to be present during the process. In the beginning of the project I was introduced to Wabi Sabi, a Japanese philosophy that stands for seeing the beauty in the simple, understanding the value in what is natural, and assent to things that are imperfect.

All of the material is from the same piece of elmtree. This piece of elm has belonged to HDK-Valand for over 30 years. This project got the opportunity to refine this piece of elm and the material has decided most of the shapes and the size of the furniture.

There is also a focus on how the furniture can be inviting to recovery. In our society performance and efficiency is highly valued and our primary needs is something that is set aside. We forget the need for daily rest and this furniture reminds us of the importance of taking time for ourselves and time for conscious rest.