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BFA Design

Louise Bolin

The hidden sensory experiences of the textile mountain

Every second, according to UNEP, a truck full of textiles is thrown away. This project aims to work creatively with this material that, in order to avoid resource waste and environmental degradation, deserves to be used. The possibilities and limitations of the material have been explored with the intention of designing a furniture prototype made entirely from textile waste. Is it possible to find ways to create long-term use for this otherwise discarded material? 

The result is a multifunctional furniture prototype made from 500 layers of textile waste. The concept involves the user to patch, repair and replenish the outer fabric, making the appearance of the furniture to change over time. The user can find their own way of interacting with the furniture while being able to leave their own mark. Hopefully, this can promote a long-term relationship and use.

The goal has been to add value to textile waste and other textiles that otherwise would have been thrown away. The vision is to move textile waste from landfills to living rooms and to inspire that it can be fun and aesthetically pleasing to see the value in and take care of already existing materials. Perhaps it can help to give the furniture and objects we surround ourselves with the care they deserve.

Thank you to Reningsborg second hand in Partille for the collaboration.