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MFA Furniture Design

Leonardo Perina

Tura lounge chair

As graduation project of Leonardo Perina, the ‘Tura lounge chair’ is the result of the development of a piece of furniture placed in a collaborative context between.

The project began with a brief received from the Stockholm based furniture company Massproductions. Through this framework, Leonardo explored his role as a designer and craftsman today.

His intention with the ‘Tura lounge chair’ was to create a furniture piece with a strong sculptural and visual language. He aimed to enhance the value of the material and develop a straightforward furniture piece that could balance comfort and design, functionalism and aesthetics, as well as have sustainability as an implicitness.

The concept of joints free from glue and screws offers tool less assembly. The use of high-quality materials and replaceable parts provides a long-lasting product. Space saving packaging creates small storage volume and more comfortable transportation in a time where everything is in a constant state of transience.