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BFA Photography

Kristina Aurora

My Grief is a Line-Sometimes a Circle

10 wooden framed inkjet prints
Video loop, 13:57 minutes
Wall tapestry made of human hair and textile

Kristina Aurora works with the body as an ever-changing material, at times fragile, at times solid.
Her works explore how the tension between disgust and familiarity of the body generates a sense offascination. Within her practice Aurora is trying to present a political stand in favour of life down to the cellular level.

The project My Grief is a Line- Sometimes a Circle is an introspective search for healing, (self-)care and affection, reflecting cultural histories of grief and personal trauma in relation to hair. Aurora repeatedly works with her own and other people’s hair, which is clouded in modern interpretations of what hair represents. The original relationship with the material is both fixed and transformed with each repetition, becoming a ritualistic act of love.