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MFA Film

Julian Mckinney

Mind pops & Madeleine moments

Length: 10 minuter, essay film

Marcel Proust coined the term “involuntary memory”, the curious phenomenon of a memory triggered by a smell, a taste, or even a sound. A Madeleine moment.

Smell-memory-emotion-thought-expression. That’s how it usually works. The smell of buttered crumpets leads you to write a poem about lost childhood. For those of us with anosmia – a complete loss of smell – other tactics are needed and a logic in reverse develops. If you’ve had a sense of smell and lost it, those memories are still there. So, you start with poems, words and sayings – and trace backwards.

Julian McKinney (b. Lund, 1976) is a filmmaker based in Gothenburg, Sweden. His background in film includes working as a curator, festival organizer, translator, reviewer, dramaturg and teacher.