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MFA Fine Art

Jonathan Lystbæk

Master Fine Arts
Biting My Tongue
Göteborgs Konsthall

Unity (0 and 1 at once), 2023

Installation consisting of the works:
Unity Hymn, Visualisation of quantum computer data in CNC-milled relief, sonification of quantum bits, speakers, mixer, projection, steel
Point, Double projection, 3D-animation, plexiglass, holographic film, steel, pillows
It Was Always Here, Text animation on screen, wooden frame

In Jonathan Lystbæk’s installation, technology and mysticism meet in an attempt to approach the essence of existence. This speculative mysticism is inspired by experiments in quantum computing that are currently taking place at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. Lystbæk has for instance worked with translating data from the quantum computer into sound.  Conventional computers are built around binary digits (bits) that must either be on or off: 0 or 1. In a quantum computer, the quantum bits or ‘qubits’ have a theoretical ability to be in both states at once. This unity of the quantum computer – both at once – is linked in these works to the eternal search for Unity within mysticism.