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BFA Photography

Inger Renée Allison

HDK-Valand på Röda Sten Konsthall

Stirrar in i solen tills den blir lila

BA3: Jacob Aars, Inger Renée Allison (hon/henne), Nadja Brečević (hon/henne), Merlin-Jon Bresinski (han/honom), Thea Josefin Cedervall (hon/henne), Adrian Christensen (han/honom), Felicia Engstrøm, Ronja Fridholm Engström (hon/henne), ELI ELI ELI (hon/henne,hen/den), Sunniva Hestenes (hen/den), Lex Eliot Rose (hen/den), Robin Iborn (han/honom), Ida Kaae, Nilo Paknia (hon/henne), Milla Flyger (hon/henne), Hilda Blondie Tintin Randulv (hon/henne), Liis Ring (hon/henne), Kristina Aurora Simonsen, Émilie Vesvre (hon/henne), Henrik Wejfeldt (han/honom).

MA2: Hulda Sif Ásmundsdóttir (hon/henne), Jošt Dolinšek (han/honom), Jessica Ekström (hon/henne), Peter Frodin (han/honom), Mette Hultesjö (hon/henne), Miina Anahita (fae/faer, den), Johan Fredrik Källman, Sonja Margrét Ólafsdóttir (hon/henne), Julian Slagman (han/honom).


Video loop, Sound, Livestream 

Thank you to Christopher Bigün (sound design) 


Renée Allison is a Swedish artist whose works are often based on the theatrical. Through still and moving images, she questions the balance of power between the subject and the viewer, asking what would happen if they switched places. 

In-Between is a work that plays with our expectations and roles. Here, Allison builds from the thesis that we live our individual lives on an invisible stage, that the world is experienced as much from the inside out as from the outside in. The work invites you into undefined times, where otherwise familiar markers become unfamiliar and blur the line between theatrical scenery and everyday reality. Through the medium, the character as well as the viewer are placed in an eternal loop. 

The installation is split into two locations, one of which is a live stream of the other location