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MFA Film

Ian Cardinali

Over the Shelter

Length:14 minutes,hybrid fiction

After a space mission, an astronaut tries to explain to her son what it is like to look at the Earth from Space. In the attempt to convey this riveting experience, her words merge with the imagination of the child, resulting in an intimate journey about existential questions.

Artist statement
Ian Cardinali consistently investigates themes such as nature, reason, and instinct in his work. From his theatrical and filmmaking practice, he draws upon real life experiences, both individual and collective. Film, in his eyes, is a vehicle to communicate glimpses of experience and sparkle thought and reflection. Seemingly effortless, Cardinali mixes different filmic approaches, from archive footage to fiction, to build up films where metaphorical and realistic levels overlap.

In his latest work, based on the book The Overview Effect (1987) by Frank White, he explores the experience of Earth-gazing from space. A shift of perspective, unimaginable until sixty years ago, that leads to a new consciousness regarding our position as human beings and our, allegedly small and fragile, planet.  

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