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MFA Design

Hana Pušljar

Body Type

The project Body Type came together as a response to today’s social issues that I recognized as harmful to the ever-growing media audience. Social media has become a weapon and a tool for spreading unrealistic standards. The standard that says »only ideal is good enough and acceptable« has become the motto of young people who aspire to imitate body, face, and lifestyle ideals.

Body Type opposes the absurdity of these social deviations and, as such, tries to communicate a more acceptable social paradigm based on the principle that even imperfect or different, according to established norms, can still be beautiful.

With my project, I wanted the message of negative body image to be transmitted through typography; as the only communication medium. Finding a metaphor for »perfect bodies« in Helvetica, which is widely considered as one of the most perfect standard typefaces, was transformed through the prism of such social deviations into the »Body Type« typeface. The task of the project is to hold a mirror to unreasonable social deviations, standards, and personal traumas.