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BFA Jewellery Art

Gwynnion Jago

Vi måste ta hand om varandra för ingen annan kommer att göra det

My youth revolved around the unwanted. During this time, a saying emerged: “We must take care of each other because no one else will.” This saying has been a guiding light for my project, where I have been exploring how to uplift these forgotten or unwanted objects. To give space to their voices without compromising their identity. To grant the objects a sense of respectability that enables an encounter with the viewer. To create an opportunity for them to tell their stories. To make someone reflect on what we discard as worthless and perhaps see the beauty that I see.

The artwork consists of six brooches, each enclosing a rusty scrap object within a minimalist silver frame of simple geometric shape. The project is also a continuation of a longer exploration of the material’s ability to narrate, where I previously aimed to capture the material’s voice through representation and reproduction. Here, I have chosen to work directly with the original material.1

I have a consistent methodology in my work, where I choose to work with places and objects as references to individuals, allowing them to act as proxies. It becomes a way for me to approach more difficult narratives and themes without putting anyone in the spotlight. I also like to believe that it enables an encounter with the viewer, where understanding or contemplation can be achieved without getting stuck in preconceived notions or associations. This project follows the same methodology, and my goal for the viewer is not to think about objects but to think about people.

  1. See I didn’t think it would be noticed (2021) & It’s in the walls (2022)