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BFA Design

Fabian Myhrman


The project revolves around a method for understanding human-created objects and their role in society from a speculative mindset. The process for the project involved an investigation based on archetypal objects: the t-shirt, the chair, the bicycle, and the cup. The method entails abstracting objects based on their properties and attributes through creative processes to visualize the objects’ complex connections to society. In doing so, it sheds light on the power of indirect communication that objects possess with their users.

The project is presented through two series of objects accompanied by related furniture, each embodying the objects: the cup and the bicycle. The shelf, resembling an altar that honors and preserves the cup, holds four cup objects that embody different attributes and properties. In an interpretation of a bicycle rack, three bicycle objects are installed, as the bicycle is an object with significant influence and presence in society. These aspects are manifested here.

The idea is to make this method of abstraction accessible for practice in visual perception. If you wish to try the method yourself, follow the instructions. Draw a card, approach the pieces, or perhaps start sketching another object related to the cup or the bicycle. Alternatively, you can try abstracting another typical object, such as the t-shirt or the chair.