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MFA Design

Emil Eriksson

An industrialized silhouette 

Filled with individual stories

This project has been trying to increase the value of wood in a time where wood becomes pressured, by an industry, to have the right appearance and act in a certain way to become valued at all. My aim has been to create a desire with this kind of wood, a material that is classified as damaged and unwanted but in this project seen as rich and unexpected.

I want to challenge how we look at the material wood in a product that normally have a uniform appearance which doesn’t reflect the varied and rich life of a forest with its individual histories.

This project invites you to choose in between silhouettes of chairs rather than the chair itself. What you can see in the photos are four chairs which belongs to silhouette no.1. This is also an example of how an order of four chairs from this silhouette could appear. You choose the silhouette but you dont get to choose the material in advance. You can only expect the unexpected