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BFA Design

Ellinor Askerblom

Material Interpretations of Literary Artifacts

Material interpretations of literary artifacts aims to explore the relationship between conceptual and physical artifacts. How can a literary source material be used to shape something three-dimensional, escaping the boundaries of the thought?
Two novels and one short story acted source material, from which three separate artifacts were picked and translated. This resulted in a beech wood wall mounted shelf, an alder wood side table, and a swan carved out of linden wood with feet in walnut wood.

The word translation has been closely regarded during the process, all design choices justified by the source material – not only in the particular paragraphs in which the artifacts are described, but also from further context within the source.
Once completed, the artifacts are intended to be able to function without the source material, and since translation implies a still-active connection to the source, the artifacts are in the result of their finished physicality considered interpretations.
We all come with our own perceptions, and thus preconceptions, of the world, and this will affect how we imagine conceptual artifacts, how we visualize what is not visible. The project prompts thoughts about how different concepts are imagined by different people, and how different people encounter the same physical artifact in different ways.