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MFA Design

Elenor Månsson

Ravneberg Research Station

A Site for Common Cultivation of Flax

Way back in deep time, this place was part of the bottom of the North Sea. During the 20th century it was first a cabbage patch then a berry farm, hence the nickname Hallongumman as she was called, she who used to live here. The stories about this place are many, and now new ones are taking hold. Ravneberg Research Station is a real place, where real events happens, we create visions of the future by building them here. Old myths are mixed with new rituals, bonds of friendship are forged between beings of this place. Humans, animals, plants, bacteria and mycel are intertwined with each other, trying to find ways to grow and process flax into textile materials. With slöjd as a frugal and enableing working method, we build the artefacts we need in our sessions of making and existing. Sensorial investigations and intuitive exploration are interspersed with measurable tests, at Ravneberg Research Station everything is allowed as long as we try our best to make and act in reciprocity with each other.