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BFA Literary Composition

Clara Berndes

Mus Skugga

The project consists of a story inspired by folklore and the modern fairytale genre. A swedish fantasy on a market where english fantasy tends to be more appreciated, and one that is ambiguous as to what age range it is written for, keeping in mind that the line between entertainment for young and for adults is sometimes blurry. It has been presented as both a document on the computer and as sheets of paper in a storybook.

Above all else it is training and exploration of language and storytelling. It aims to explore a story that both embraces and ruins certain story tropes and ambiances, and, on a more personal level, I have wanted to make a fictional world, and a broad narrative, where I can channel my interests and reflections.

The story itself is about a small girl who loses her mother. Her brother and she move to a new home where she thrives, but then the brother leaves and she cannot stay. The story moves toward the supernatural until she crosses into another realm entirely. Themes being explored are belonging, familial love and wickedness.

Albeit not done, as the story could continue and text should always be worked with more, the current work has an ending and can be read as a whole.