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BFA Design

Cecilia Olsson

Pause before you leave.

The hallway can be a place where one may experience intense emotions such as stress and anxiety; perhaps running late, afraid of forgetting something, or heading to a place one doesn’t want to be. I have examined how the ritual, as a method, can help reach a more harmonious emotional state and reduce stress before leaving home. This project consists of six different objects that can be used together in a meditative ritual in the hallway to help the user mentally prepare for leaving home. For me, a ritual is a personal act that creates a specific feeling and can be performed as a habit or routine. It is about being aware and experiencing the moment.

The inspiration for this project partly comes from the forest, with the goal of recreating the tranquility that many people experience there. By giving the objects organic shapes and tactility I aim to reflect the serenity of the forest. Focusing on the sense of touch enhances the mental and physical presence during a ritual. The colors are intended to encourage interaction and provide a more playful and lighthearted experience. Some objects serve a practical purpose, while others hold symbolic value, and a few are designed to stimulate the senses for increased presence. By combining these objects, a holistic experience is created that impacts both the body and mind.

The objects are made of pine and treated with linseed oil to highlight the growth rings and bring out the characteristic yellow color of the wood, while the remaining objects are painted with linseed paint.