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BFA Design

Carl Marcus Sjöberg

The Mound

The Mound is a lore-focused, story-building, third person CRPG devolution drawing inspiration and mechanisms from open-ended videogames and simulators and brings it to a tabletop scenario. The story takes place among the Humites, a society of anthropomorphic ant-mites, in their everyday toil and stress. The cathedralesque mounds of termites are widely known examples of emergence in nature, and so, the reader is invited to an emergent gameplay. This embryotic set of modular story-aids are an early access beta version of a world ready to be explored and altered. Being a metaphorical sandbox, The Mound challenges the way we think about time, society, identity, culture and how we measure our existence, at the same time redefining the act of reading and playing. These objects are to be seen as an explorative attempt to enhance, expand or extend immersion, and an encouragement to play and to modify. Though The Mound presents a rule-based world, there is no endgame criteria.