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MFA Embedded Design

Cali Karlberg

The Visible Process

The Visible Process is a toolkit designed to facilitate processes and collaborations. This, by encouraging participants to explore, visualize and communicate around three pillars of successful collaborative processes – Preparation, Mindset, and Common Goals.

The aim of the project is to in a fun and creative way make complex processes visible and help organizations improve collaboration. Visualizing the process makes it easier to understand what works well, but also what may need to change. By using playful methods, the goal is to strengthen the creative side and broaden perspectives and find new, exciting paths. The project should not only serve as a tool to improve the final stage of collaboration but also to create a place for municipal employees to gather and talk.

Visualization can facilitate communication between different parties by enabling more ways to discuss and make visible how participants reflect. It can help people understand in a richer way that includes more senses. Visualization allows us to illustrate thoughts and ideas that are difficult to explain in words. Physically having a visualization in front of you also provides material to discuss.