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BFA Design

Bianco Casco

Över kaffekopparna


Över kaffekopparna is an exploration of collective, queer storytelling.
By opening up a private queer exchange of letters from 2021 about a future Queervillage, queer people and/or people with more than one ethnicity were invited to a workshop and exhibition in the spring of 2023.

With and for our own gaze, we collectively built on to the exchange of letters based on the questions:

– What does a day in Queervillage look like?

– How do we take care of each other?

– How do we create a place of solidarity together?

The book ”Över kaffekopparna” is a collage and an interpretation of the letter exchange. A collection of dreams and collective longing. But also a visual testimony and documentation of an existence we are already creating, together, here and now.