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MFA Furniture Design

Banchan Lu

Where is the plank from

For Banchao Lu, wood is not merely material, it comes from the tree. The vitality of wood is the beauty, revealed by the death of the tree, that existed even before his work was created. his task was therefore not to create it, but to present it wherever it was. After handling massive planks in the wood workshop, Lu felt a potential crisis from the plank, a denatured form given by the wood industry which attempted to plasticise wood, he could not perceive the life relationship between the tree and the plank anymore. Through his experimental furniture making, Lu was inspired by the Japanese artistic movement, MONO-HA, bringing back the properties of wood on the stage, which the plank stood, bare and undisguised, wood fibres, the vitality of wood, the death of the tree and so on. Lu tried to invite his audiences to awareness “things” around things, finding beauty in between things, Eventually, Lu is promoting a sustainable view of wood consumption whether makers or buyers, with gratitude for wood, building or using wooden furniture in a long-term way.

PDF_where is the plan from banchao lu