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BFA Design

Anton Edvardsson

A Digital Dilemma

The project “A Digital Dilemma” is an animated short film that revolves around the relationship between humans and technology, work, and meaning. The project portrays creation and AI from a philosophical perspective while also exploring how AI can be incorporated into a design process as a method and tool. The goal of the film is to examine, problematize, and raise thoughts and questions regarding artificial intelligence in relation to design, creation, and creativity. There is a desire to connect it to a work perspective and how future designers/animators/artists engage with this new automated playing field.

I have used a couple of different methods for my design and animation throughout the process. This includes classical 2D animation, 3D animation, as well as AI-generated material. In a way, it covers a spectrum where one is extremely time consuming and the other its total opposite in both labor and process.

The film takes place from an AI’s point of view and is a personal story about the protagonist’s journey as well as a story about our contemporary society. We follow how artificial intelligence works in different ways with design and crafts, where the intrinsic value of creation is set against the constant need for acceleration and efficiency. The role and agency of the designer has shifted here. What happens to the essence of creation and our sense of purpose and meaning if we are no longer necessary in the process? Do we lose our sense of contribution and control over our future in the exponential advance of AI?