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BFA Design

Ante Wiklund

Vara Vid Liv

Vara vid liv aims to confront users with existential questions regarding life, identity, ontology, and humanity through playful yet subtly unsettling toy-like figurines. The figurines are detachable and rebuildable, symbolising the three fundamental modes of existence outlined by German philosopher Martin Heidegger: Present-at-hand (Vorhandenheit), Ready-to-hand (Zuhandenheit), and Existence (Dasein). Throughout the project’s design process, Heidegger’s seminal work, Being and Time, served as a wellspring of inspiration, guiding the exploratory creation of the themes, narratives, and characters within the immersive realm of The Dazoidz—the collective name for the resulting toy collection.

The toys’ aesthetics draw inspiration from the cheap toy industry of the 80’s and 90’s, incorporating a deliberately inexpensive plastic texture and garish colours, serving as a meta-narrative about these toys as well as the commodification of our society as a whole. These themes are further emphasised through the accompanying trading cards, manuals and packagings. The trading cards feature stories narrated by an enigmatic entity known simply as ‘The Traveler’, providing background information on the various characters while alluding to their symbolic significance.

As a user, you have the opportunity to assume the role of this ‘Traveler’, constructing your own entities and their narratives within the captivating world of The Dazoidz.