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BFA Design

Anna Cook

The desire to decorate surfaces 

The intention of this project has been to deepen and sharpen the perception and understanding of ornamental effects in a spatial context. The ambition has also been to inspire and spark joyful discussions and thoughts about how we can decorate modern rooms which today are built in a more prefabricated and plain way. These rooms often make me feel restless and I start fantasizing about how I can add more personality to the surfaces. 

The result is a showroom representing the walls, corners and floor of a room which has been decorated with a composition of ornaments created by decor painting, wooden details and a set color palette. 

A material library has been made in two parts consisting of a quantity of illustrated patterns and wooden shapes. Many of the shapes and patterns have been inspired by a variety of sources connected to a cultural heritage, for example ’carpentry joy’, county governor’s houses and a Swedish west coastal textile knitting pattern.

The library’s function is to encourage conversations and create moodboards as a first step to generating ideas and visualisations for spatial installations in larger scale future projects.