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Master Design

Annika John

Out of sight out of mind?

Den här texten finns bara tillgänglig på engelska.

In an ever-evolving and accelerating society, an overload of information, stimulus, and impulses is an everyday occurrence. But is it an intentional decision, or is it a phenomenon outside of our control?

This project is an interactive and informative project that opens the dialogue of digital hoarding and information overload in order to be aware of the mental health issues surrounding it. With this research, I hope to enrich the design discourse on mental health by including a new key aspect and influence on it. It provides new insights into an underexplored and undiscussed area; digital hoarding and stimulation overload caused by it.

Through an interactive exhibition format that includes infographics, videos, a sculpture, and informative posters I hope to engage and inform the viewer about the topic, as well as provoke a reflective thought process towards their own consumption and interaction with our overstimulating environment.